Frequently asked questions

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Choosing a place to call “home” is no small decision. Make time to educate yourself on the different areas you are considering. Research the school districts, park districts, demographics, public transportation options, restaurants, entertainment, and time/distance to/from work. Legan and Guthrie Construction proudly serves people looking to build in these communities.

Which lot to select depends largely upon what is most important to you. Is access to public transportation important? Living in a downtown area? Having a large backyard? Having close neighbors…or not-so-close neighbors?

Once you have your eye on a good locale, be sure to consider things like trees and vegetation. Such enhancements can take a long time to mature, but can significantly enhance the value of a lot for their environmental, economical, and aesthetic benefits. Also consider the dimensions of the lot, the slope of the land, and the appeal of adjacent lots. These could all influence the design and/or placement of your home and yard. Finally, drive around and get a feel for the neighborhood because if everything else looks good, you just might be calling it home!

A sound builder selection will provide excellent customer service, have an outlined mission statement, be committed to quality, and have experience building the type of quality home you desire. Here are some more specific things to consider:
Who is the builder? Do they have a good reputation? What do their current and past clients have to say? Do they take care in redeveloping neighborhoods? Will they listen to my needs, finish on time and respectful of my budget? A builder should ask all of the right questions to gain a full understanding of your needs and goals. If they do not appear that they are truly interested in what you want, how are they going to build your dream home?

With a lot of lender options in the marketplace, it can oftentimes be overwhelming to have to research where to go to obtain the money you need to build a house. A good builder will have established relationships with a number of banks to help you attain the funds needed.

During any new construction, there are typically two loans: a lot acquisition loan and a construction loan. Some Lenders offer package loans that combine both of these, while others offer these independently. There are also products in the marketplace that will convert to end loans for you, which can be extremely valuable in a financial environment with anticipated increases in lending rates.